James Cook University, Townsville, Australia

Mail Address: Comparative Genomics Centre,
Molecular Sciences Bldg 21, James Cook University,
Townsville, 4811, Queensland, Australia
Telephone: 61-7-47816265 Fax:  61-2-95656103

Townsville usually has a beautiful climate, being in a tropical region and a rain shadow, it has about 300 rain free days per year. Where most places have 4 seasons, the North Queensland area has 2: A wet season (summer), and a dry season (winter).

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<>The area is occasionally host to tropical cyclones (hurricanes or typhoons - depending on your country of origin). Click Here to download an animation of tropical cyclone Larry, which passed 300 km north of Townsville on the 20 March 2006.



Comparative Genomics Centre, James Cook University, Key words: Autoimmune diabetes, Type 1 diabetes mellitus, childhood diabetes, lupus, systemic lupus erythematosus, haemolytic anaemia, hemolytic anemia, Coombs' test, antinuclear antibodies, renal failure, glomerulonephritis, gastritis, type A gastritis, pernicious anemia.