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Mr Roby Jose
Comparative Genomics Centre "Aetiology of autoimmune disease"
Mr Tim Sexton
Ms Hayley Mason
Discipline of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Honours Final Seminars
Prof. Francis Carbone University of Melbourne
"Dendritic cells and CTL priming during skin infection with HSV" 16:00
Dr. Annemiek Beverdam

"Identification of novel genes involved in male and female sex determination and early gonad development"
Prof. Juergen Goetz University of Sydney "Alzheimer's Disease: From genetics to models to therapy"
Prof Tony Basten Oxford University "Learning tolerance" 16:00 10/4/2006 CH003
Prof Emma Whitelaw Queensland Institute of Medical Research "An ENU screen for modifiers of epigenetic gene silencing in the mouse" 16:00 3/4/2006 CH003
Mr Philip Fromm
Mr Brent Knack
Ms Megan Steele
Discipline of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Honours Introductory Seminars 16:00 27/3/2006 CH003
Prof Steve Gerondakis Walter and Eliza Hall Institute To NFkappa-B or not to NFkappa-B?" 16:00 13/2/2006 CH003
Dr Cathrine Liptrot Australian Institute of Marine Science "The AIMS approach to Anti-Cancer Drug Discovery from Marine Natural Products" 16:00 27/2/2006 CH003
Mr Roby Jose Comparative Genomics Centre "Everything you wanted to know about autoimmunity but were afraid to ask" 16:00 20/2/2006 CH003
Mr Tim Sexton Discipline of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Honours midyear seminar 16:30 13/2/2006 CH003
Ms Hayley Mason Discipline of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Honours midyear seminar 16:00 13/2/2006 CH003
Prof Peter Gresshof ARC Centre of Excellence for Integrative Legume Research "Functional genomics of pluripotent stem cell proliferation control in plants" 16:00 6/2/2006 CH003
Dr Mark Smyth Peter Macallum Institute "Licensed to kill" 16:00 29/11/2005 MT103
Prof Michael Good QIMR "Vaccines for the heart ? an opportunity to further improve cardiovascular health" 13:00 29/1//2005 MT103
Dr Norbert Kienzle QIMR "Free will: maturation commitment in cytotoxic lymphocytes" 16:00 22/11/2005 MT103
Honours Final Seminars Discipline of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
16:00 15/11/2005 MT103
Prof John Hutton Barabra Davis Center, Colorado, USA "Soft target: The characteristics of an autoantigen" 16:00 8/11/2005 CH003
Dr Merlin Crossley Biochemistry and Microbiology, The University of Sydney "Rules of engagement - how to get turned on... and off" 16:00 1/11/2005 CH003
Ms Margaret Jordan Comparative Genomics Centre "Gene Hunter III: Revenge of the mappers" 16:00 25/10/2005 CH003
Honours introductory seminars (midyear entry) Discipline of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
16:00 11/10/2005 CH003
Prof. R. Dringen University of Bremen, Germany "Oxidative Stress and Antioxidative Defence of Brain Cells" 16:00 27/9/2005 CH003
Prof Robin Holliday National Institute of Medical Research, Mill Hill, UK "Ageing is no longer an unsolved problem in biology" 16:00 20/9/2005 CH003
Dr. M Degli-Esposti The Lions Eye Institute, Perth "Biology 101 - what viruses teach us about host biology” 16:00 13/9/2005 CH003
Prof Georges Grau Université de la Méditerranée, Marseille, France "Importance of microvesiculation in the immunopathology of cerebral malaria" 16:00 26/8/2005 CH003
Mr Grant Stuchbury Comparative Genomics Centre "Anti-inflammatory drugs and neuroprotective mechanisms in Alzheimer's disease" 16:00 23/8/2005 CH003
Ms Sally Hunter Comparative Genomics Centre "Stick like glue: Identification and characterisation of novel modifiers of chromosome cohesion" 16:00 16/8/2005 CH003
Ms Ursula Tems Discipline of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology “Molecular Cloning, Functional Characterization, andSubcellular Localization of the Three Isozymes of Maize Carbonic Anhydrase.” 16:00 2/8/2005 CH003
Dr Rohan Baker The John Curtin School of Medical Research "Deubiquitinating enzymes: structure, function, and regulation of ubiquitin-dependent processes" 16:00 12/7/2005 CH003
Dr Lauretta Grasso Australian National University "A genomic approach to development in the coral Acropora millepora" 16:00 28/6/2005 CH003
Ms Rachel Rutkowski Comparative Genomics Centre "Genetic and cellular analysis of the novel cell proliferation regulator, deflated" 16:00 21/6/2005 CH003
Prof David Miller Comparative Genomics Centre "Coral genomics update" 16:00 7/6/2005 CH003
Ms Rebecca Keal Comparative Genomics Centre "Drosophila Rad21 and the identification of novel regulators of chromosome segregation" 16:00 31/5/2005 CH003
Prof Shaun McColl University of Adelaide "Chemokine receptor expression and function" 16:00 24/5/2005 CH003
Prof Steve Gerondakis Walter and Eliza Hall Institute "A post-translational role for NF-kB in the control of TLR dependent gene expression." 16:00 17/5/2005 CH003
Prof Ranjeny Thomas Centre for Immunology and Cancer Research, University of Queensland "Autoimmunity & Immunoregulation ? Designing Immunotherapy" 12:00 17/5/2005 MS014
Annemiek Beverdam Institute for Molecular Bioscience
University of Queensland
"Novel strategy to identify early players in sex determination and gonad development" 16:00 10/5/2005 CH003
Dr Lynn Jones Australian National University, Canberra "No Pebble unturned?  Novel genetic interactors of a Drosophila Rho-GEF" 16:00 3/5/2005 CH003
Dr Rocky deNys School of Marine Biology and Aquaculture, James Cook University "Linking marine and molecular biology" 16:00 26/4/2005 CH003
Prof Mark Smyth Peter Macallum Cancer Institute "Networks and effectors that mediate tumor immune surveillance and immunotherapy" 16:00 19/4/2005 CH003
Dr John Golledge James Cook University Medical School "Abdominal aortic aneurysm and atherosclerotic plaque instability" 16:00 12/4/2005 CH003
Ms Anke Huber Discipline of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Honours final seminar: "Neurite retraction in Alzheimer's disease" 16:00 5/4/2005 CH003
Ms Lina Holmquist Discipline of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Honours introductory seminar 16:00 29/3/2005 CH003
Ms Narelle Nolan Discipline of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Honours introductory seminar 16:15 29/3/2005 CH003
Mr Jacob Goodwin Discipline of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Honours introductory seminar 16:30 29/3/2005 CH003
Ms Rachel Walsh Discipline of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Honours introductory seminar 16:45 29/3/2005 CH003
Mr Michael Postle Discipline of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Honours introductory seminar 17:00 29/3/2005 CH003
Ms Diane Brinkman Discipline of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology "Purification and characterisation of proteins isolated from the venom of the box-jellyfish, Chironex fleckeri" 16:00 22/3/2005 CH003
Dr Gerald Muench Comparative Genomics Centre "Prevention of Alzheimer's disease - does inflammation hold the key?" 14:00 2/11/2004 CH003
Dr Robert Henke  Millennium Science "Cancer Classification and Drug Target Evaluation using Microarray Technology." 14:00 26/10/2004 CH003
Dr Trent Munro Cambridge University "Analysis of conserved RNA localisation pathways during Drosophila oogenesis." 15:00 20/10/2004 CH003
Ms Anke Huber Comparative Genomics Centre "Synergistic neurotoxic effects of glutamate and microglial factors." 14:00 20/11/2004 CH003
Dr Tim Hawkes Syngenta Jealott's Hill Research Station "Making hybrid crops: a new use for a herbicide." 14:00 5/10/2004 CH003
Ms Julie Fletcher Comparative Genomics Centre "Modulation of risk of type 1 diabetes." 14:00 28/9/2004 CH003
Prof Ross Crozier Comparative Genomics Centre "Evolution of immune system genes in social insects." 14:00 21/9/2004 CH003
Prof Stephen Stenger Nikolaus-Fiebiger-Zentrum fur Molekulare Medizin "Surviving mycobacteria." 14:00 14/9/2004 CH003
Ms Rebecca Kneall Comparative Genomics Centre "No flies on me." 14:00 7/9/2004 CH003
Mr Florian Wiede Nikolaus-Fiebiger-Zentrum fur Molekulare Medizin "All you ever wanted to know about TNF but were afraid to ask."  14:00 31/8/2004 CH003
Ms Lucija Tomljenovic Comparative Genomics Centre "Me and you and Glipr2" 14:00 24/8/2004 CH003
Dr Mark Wilkes Mayo Clinic "Cell-type specific activation of PAK2 and c-abl by TGF-beta leads to fibrosis." 14:00 20/8/2004 CH003
Ms Rachael Rutkowski Comparative Genomics Centre "Seduced by the gene next door" - a Ph.D. progress report 14:00 17/8/2004 CH003
Dr Anja Meissner Comparative Genomics Centre "CCR6 in inflammation and infection: chemokine functions beyond migration". 14:00 10/8/2004 CH003
Prof. David A. Jans Dept. Biochem. & Mol. Biol., Monash University "Sex reversal and SRY's dual nuclear import pathways" 14:00 3/8/2004 CH003
Dr Chris Engwerda Queensland Institute of Medical Research "The role of TNF family members in murine malaria and leishmania" 14:00 20/7/2004 CH003
Dr Emanuele Peasavento Comparative Genomics Centre "Fc-neonatal receptor binds albumin and controls its half-life" 14:00 17/5/2004 CH003
Dr Tony Merriman University of Otago "The IDDM6 autoimmunity locus: Comparative mapping between the human and mouse genomes." 11:00 5/5/2004 CH003
Dr Gerald Waneck Harvard University (Mass General Hosp) "Human anti-pig cytotoxic lymphocytes: CTL, NK cells or NK-CTL's?" 14:00 19/4/2004 CH003
Dr Heinrich Körner Comparative Genomics Centre "Tumor necrosis factor in models of autoimmunity and infectious disease" 14:00 13/4/2004 CH003
Dr Bill Warren Comparative Genomics Centre "Regulating cell division ? the roles of Drad21 and Deflated" 14:00 15/3/2004 CH003
Prof Alan Baxter Comparative Genomics Centre "Genetic insights into the aetiology of autoimmune disease" 14:00 1/3/2004 CH003
Dr Jean-Pierre Levesque Peter MacCallum Cancer Research Institute, Melbourne "Should I stay or should I go: What makes haemopoietic stem cells home to or leave the bone marrow." 14:00 4/11/2003 CH003
Dr Paul Lyons Cambridge Institute of Medical Research, UK "Complex genetics of immunopathology" 15:00 7/10/2003 CH003



Comparative Genomics Centre, James Cook University, Key words: Autoimmune diabetes, Type 1 diabetes mellitus, childhood diabetes, lupus, systemic lupus erythematosus, haemolytic anaemia, hemolytic anemia, Coombs' test, antinuclear antibodies, renal failure, glomerulonephritis, gastritis, type A gastritis, pernicious anemia.