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Ockham's Razor is a 15 minute radio program hosted by Robyn Williams. It is broadcast on Radio National on Sundays 8.45am and repeated on Mondays at 12.15pm.

From the ABC Website:

          William of Ockham was an English monk, philosopher, theologian and probable victim of the Black Death, who provided the scientific method with its key principle 700 years ago. "What can be done with fewer assumptions is done in vain with more", he said. That is, in explaining any phenomenon, we should use no more explanatory concepts than are absolutely necessary.
          Well, for both broadcasting and for science, simplicity should never be despised. Our program, named after William, consists of a short introduction followed by a scripted talk. Just that, week after week.
          This program allows thoughtful people to have their say without pesky interviewers interrupting, or someone of opposite views turning the exercise into a joust. There are times when a speaker needs a clear run, some proper control, and this is what Ockham's Razor provides.

Michael Flanders, Karl Landsteiner and a Belief in Fairies
       Broadcast 25/6/2000
The Beer of Revenge
       Broadcast 10/2/2002
Secrets of the Immune System
       Broadcast 11/5/2008
Let your Immune System Fly
       Broadcast 7/9/2008
A Piece of my Mind
       Broadcast 25/1/1009


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