Margaret Jordan PhD,  BSc Hons, Psycology.

Comparative Genomics Centre,
Molecular Sciences Bldg 21, James Cook University,
Townsville, 4811, Queensland, Australia
Telephone: 61-7-4781 5965 Fax:  61-7-4781 6078


Brief Curriculum Vitae:

Dr Jordan obtained a BSc (Genetics and Biochemistry) in 1987 at the University of the Witwatersrand, and worked as a Medical Scientist in Cytogenetics at the South African Institute for Medical Research for 11 years. She completed an Honours degree in Human Genetics in 1997, for which she was awarded First Class Honours. Moving to Sydney on a work-visa, she worked at the Cytogenetics Laboratories at the New Children’s Hospital and Sydney Genetics for 9 months before taking up a full time position as a Research Assistant in the Autoimmunity Research Group at the Centenary Institute. She worked there on the molecular genetics of autoimmune diseases for 8 years during which time she obtained permanent residency and Australian citizenship. She applied for, and was awarded, a James Cook University Intramural Scholarship to undertake a PhD when she moved to Townsville. She completed her PhD in 2011 for her genetic dissection of experimental autoimmune gastritis and an important immunoregulatory cell subset, NKT cells. She has presented at both national and international conferences and she has been an invited speaker on 5 occasions. She is the recipient of 6 travel awards, 2 medals, 3 poster prizes and the Science Communicators prize, as well as being awarded a small equipment grant. She is currently supervising one PhD student and two part-time technicians and occasionally lectures to undergraduate and honours students.

Dr Jordan has produced a substantial body of novel work dissecting the genetic causes of autoimmunity. She has published 12 primary manuscripts, 6 reviews and 5 abstracts, with a total of 217 citations and an average of 12.1 citations/paper. She has an h index of 8. Publication highlights include her studies on the genetic control of NKT cells (Esteban et al, 2003; cited 50 times), the identification of Slamf1 as the NKT Cell Control Gene Nkt1 (Jordan et al, 2007; cited 37 times) and her Linkage analysis of SLE induced in diabetes-prone NOD mice (Jordan et al 2000; cited 29 times). Her reviews on the genetics of immunoregulatory T cells (Jordan and Baxter, 2008; cited 25 times) and genetic control of NKT cell numbers (Jordan, Fletcher, Baxter, 2004, cited 15 times) have also been well received. In collaboration with Corbett Research, she helped develop the chemistry used today by the Qiagen nucleic acid extraction robot. She has published the best and second best signal-to-noise ratios of any microarray expression analysis and was one of the first to demonstrate a reliable 20% difference in expression by qPCR. Her research on genes controlling NKT cell numbers has progressed from the initial localisation by genetic linkage analysis (Esteban et al, 2003), to the identity of likely candidate genes by congenesis (Jordan et al, 2007), to the confirmation of the candidate by transgenic complementation (Jordan et al, 2011).

Research and Professional Interests

Immunogenetics of Autoimmune Diseases

Research Supervisor

Societal Memberships

Dr Jordan has been involved in the training and general supervision of 3 Honours students in Human Genetics and is currently supervising a PhD student and 2 part-time technicians. She has delivered lectures and trained staff/students in technical skills.

Grants/Awards/Invitations to speak

1. Invited speaker; Genetics Symposium, JCU, Townsville (June 2011)
2. AMATA Travel award to attend AMATA-10 Conference, Hobart, Tasmania (Sept 2010)
3. FIMSA/ASI Travel award to attend FIMSA X Meeting, Tangalooma, QLD (Dec 2009)
4. Invited speaker, Brisbane Immunology Group Retreat, Gold Coast (Aug 2009)
5. ASI-BIG Medal for Best Poster Presentation, Brisbane Immunology Group Retreat, Sunshine Coast. (Aug 2007)
6. Logan Foundation Travel Scholarship to attend 37th Annual Meeting of the Australasian Society for Immunology, Sydney (June 2007)
7. Graduate Research Scheme award, JCU, Townsville (Oct 2006)
8. Poster prize, Townsville festival of Life Sciences, JCU, Townsville (Sept 2006)
9. ASI-BIG Medal for Best Poster Presentation, Brisbane Immunology Group Retreat, Gold Coast (August 2006)
10. ASI International Travel Award to attend NKT & CD1d Workshop, Italy (July 2006)
11. Science Communicators Award for Best Oral Presentation, Thymoz, Heron Island (April 2006)
12. JDRF Travel award to attend Thymoz, Heron Island (April 2006)
13. ASI Travel award to attend 35th Annual Meeting of the Australasian Society for Immunology, Melbourne (Dec 2005)
14. Invited speaker, Corbett Extraction-to-Reaction Workshop, Melbourne (Nov 2005)
15. Invited speaker, Corbett Extraction-to-Reaction Workshop, Sydney (Nov 2005)
16. Invited speaker, Corbett Extraction-to-Reaction Workshop, Brisbane. (July 2005)
17. School of Pharmacy and Molecular Sciences Internal Scholarship (2005-2009)
18. James Cook University Intramural Scholarship (2005-2009)
19. Invited speaker; South African Genetics Society Symposium: Technology in Genetics, Johannesburg, South Africa (1993)


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