James Cook University, Townsville, Australia

Mail Address: Comparative Genomics Centre,
Molecular Sciences Bldg 21, James Cook University,
Townsville, 4811, Queensland, Australia
Telephone: 61-7-4781 6265 Fax:  61-7-4781 6078

    The Comparative Genomics Centre's Drosophila Research Facility consists of a purpose built insectary certified by the Office of the Gene Technology Regulator (OGTR) as conforming to PC2 standard which is required by Australian Law for conducting research involving genetically modified Drosophila. The insectary is equipped with 4 large incubators suitable for Drosophila culture with a total capacity of 1500 litres. The facility has five fully equipped fly stations, each consisting of an Olympus SZ60 dissecting microscope, a cold light source, and CO2 knockout pad supplying CO2 for fly anaesthesia via an independently controlled gas flow meter. An Olympus BX-51 microscope, equipped with dark field and phase contrast optics, Narishige MN-151 micromanipulator and Eppendorf Femtojet microinjector are also housed within the facility for the generation and analysis of transgenic Drosophila. There is also a MAA-03 GFP fluorescence light source and Olympus DP50 digital camera for the detection and image capture of Green Fluorescent Protein expression in living samples.



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